Blackjack: Does the Card Counting Trick Work?

Blackjack: Does the Card Counting Trick Work?

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to cheat your way through a card game by using the strategy known as card counting. However, many will say this is not so much a cheat but a finely honed skill that just happens to bring about favorable results for card game players.

In this review of card tricks, we will be looking into card counting and how it can work in games of blackjack and what impact it has on those playing online blackjack games.

All there is that you need to know regarding this trick is right here, so grab your cards and let us see if we can turn you into a blackjack games master.

Counting on the cards to help you win

Card counting is something that has been around for centuries. As card gaming became popular, it was the task of cleaver minds to try and figure out ways of making money from casinos and not get caught.

The architecture of this trick was Edward Thorpe and he told all about it in his book published back in 1962 entitled Beat the Dealer.

To this day, the same methods and systems are being used in the game of blackjack and casinos are more wiser to this than ever. This is why card deck shoes are changed every so often.

Can the trick help online players? Well, no. With online casino games, more specifically online blackjack, there is an obvious wall that the casino cannot see beyond and that is your screen or monitor, you can see them, but they cannot see you, players can try and openly card count, but the reality is they would fail because even live online blackjack games use an unknown number of decks in the games and the shoes are changed regularly.

If there was a scam going to weasel cash out of an online casino, it would have made the news by now with so many wealthy players boasting about their success that came from card counting tricks played online.

Playing blackjack online

If you are new to the game of blackjack and still have an interest in playing blackjack online, then you can find many free games online that are in their demo mode that will help you to play without risk.

These are the ideal tool to help you learn to play the game if you do not have a pack of cards to hand. However, if you want to learn to count cards, then you must have a real deck in order to properly practice blackjack card counting.

When it comes to online gaming and blackjack, there are two forms of gaming available. You have the generic digital games that act like simulators and then you have the live blackjack tables with live dealers.

In neither capacity are you able to trick the game online, and to be honest, there really is no need. Blackjack is one of the fairest games you will find inside a casino. The house edge is only a mere 1.45% greater. It’s still very much a 5149 game, which is as even as it gets with a casino game.

How to count cards

Card counting is an easy trick to incorporate into your gaming routine should you wish to use it inside the land casinos.

Note: Card counting is not illegal, you can’t be found out by a casino and arrested for doing it. The most that will happen is being escorted from the building because it breaks the rules that the casinos put in place.

When card counting, it is never 100% accurate. You are juggling memory and adding values and subtracting them, all whilst playing round after round of blackjack.

it starts with giving cards certain values. Those numbered between 2 and 6 are given scores of +1. The numbers between 10 and Ace, they are given a value of -1. The rest of the cards in the deck are valued at 0. The adding and subtracting of these values is to reach the end goal where you are left with the probability of higher ranked cards remaining in the deck to be dealt.

But take note that this trick will and does work for both single and multi-decks, learning with smaller decks to begin with is advised before you advance.

So, back to the card counting. If, for example, you have drawn an Ace card and a 4 card, this total value comes to a score of 0. With both a +1 and a -1, the result is a 0 as they cancel each other out.

Another alternative example is if you produced a Jack card and a 10 card. These two will total a value of -2. In the scheme of this trick, the more your score appears in the minus, the less favourable the trick is because the high scoring cards are being removed from the deck and you ideally want as many in there towards the latter stages of the game where you can bet higher sum with greater confidence. So, by this logic, the more your value of counting edges increasingly into + values, the better it is to predict a high card being dealt as the game goes on.

How to play blackjack

The rules of blackjack are simple.

You are dealt two cards and of them, you are required to outscore the dealer without going over the total of 21. Whoever gets closest to 21 is the winner.

Now, two cards may not be enough to achieve a total anywhere near 21, so you can ask the dealer for more cards (HIT). You can also SPLIT a hand to form two separate pairs to challenge the dealer’s single pair. A third move called DOUBLE DOWN means you request a card at a cost of the original bet, thus upping your chances and stake on the round.

These rules of blackjack were sourced from this page which also has many other gaming features that you can easily benefit from. Take a look and see if you can make a success of playing blackjack games both online and inside your local Irish casino.