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Always On Top

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Original Author: Unknown

Effect: A spectator is asked to pick a card and return it to the top of the deck. Magician shows the card to spectator and puts it in the middle of the deck. Magically it rises back to the top.

1. First ask any spectator to select a card freely. Once they have selected the card and are looking at it, you palm the top card. This must be practiced in front of a mirror to make the palm look like you were simply squaring the deck.

2. You then let the spectator place their card on top of the deck.

3. Now, you take the card still palmed in your hand and place it on top of the deck. The most natural look is for you to square the deck, then, at that instant, just place it on top. It should look as if you simply squared the deck.

4. Then you must do a double turnover to show the spectators card still on top. You grab the top card and the second card (Spectators card) both by the corners and simply flip it and place it on top of the deck. In reality you are showing the second card, not the first.

5. Repeat this procedure and flip those 2 cards back face down on the top of the deck (Still seeming that the spectators card is indeed on top.

6. Then take the first card and place it in the middle of deck, this leaves the spectators card on top, as they think it has just traveled to the center of the deck.

7. Show the top card to be spectators.

Variation: Always on Top

This is a variation to the trick ''Always on top'' which is in the hard trick index. After you make the card come to the top say you will do it again. While you say this palm the bottom card. Square up the pack leaving the palmed card behind. do a double lift showing the apparent top card. put the cards back down and take of the real top card. Put it some where near the middle but don't push it in all the way. Say something like your going to bring the card to the top again. while you say that push the card all the way in and push the top card (the card they think is in the middle) a little bit out to the side. turn the deck face up and show the top car sticking out. they will think its in the middle. push it back in the deck so they think its lost in the middle of it. turn the deck face down and show them the top card. its there card!

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