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Double Transposition

Trick Courtesy of: Dylan

Original Author: Unknown

Effect: The spectator chooses a card (it can be signed). It is then mixed with in the pack. The magician takes a card off the top it isn't the spectators card. The magician proceeds to put that card in the card box. He puts several rubber bands around the box. He takes the pack and lightly taps the box. The card seen to have been in the box is on top of the pack and in the box is the spectators card. The card is taken out of the box. the spectators card is shuffled in the deck. The spectator is asked to look for the card. It is gone. 2 other boxes are brought in to play. Rubber bands are put around them. The spectator chooses a box and their card is in that box!

1. Have a card selected and retuned. Control it to the top.

2. Perform a double lift showing the top card is not the spectators. Replace it back on top of the deck. Then put the real top card in the box.

3. Put rubber bands around the box vertically. Then tap the box and lift the top card to show it has jumped out of the box. Open the box to show their card inside.

4. Put their card on the top of the deck then palm it off. Bring the 2 other card boxes into play. Put the rubber bands around them too(vertically). Put 1 of them each in your pockets along with the palmed card.

5. Ask your spectators to shuffle the deck(they think their shuffling it into the deck but its really in your pocket). While they are shuffling remove the rubber band from one of the boxes in your pocket with the card and stick the card in it. Then still in the pocket put the rubber band back around it.

6.Ask them now to look for their card they'll be amazed when its not there. Bring the card boxes back out. Force the box with the card in it onto the spectator. Open the lid there inside will be there card.

7. Watch as they freak it'll look like you just performed a double miracle

8. This is basically what happens one of your your pockets(I know this might be hard to do with one hand).

P.S. if they finish shuffling early ask them questions like what color their card was etc. This is to take attention away from the action happening in your pocket

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