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Your Choice

Trick Courtesy of: ehillsman (

Original Author: Unknown

From and shuffled deck of cards deal 6 piles of 5 cards each. Tell the spectator to choose 2 cards from the remainder of the deck, and write the two cards on a piece of paper, fold it, and place it on the table. Then tell him to put his cards on top of any of the two piles. Pick up the piles so that two of the five card piles go on each of the 6 card piles. Then say that you will pick two cards. Run through the deck and remember the 6th and the 22nd cards. Write their names on a piece of paper, fold it, and place it next to the other piece of paper. Now deal the cards into two piles beginning at the left and dealing one card at a time. The pile on the left contains his cards. The pile on the right has your cards.

Ask the spectator which cards he wants you to find. If he says his, pick up the pile on the left. If he says yours pick up the pile on the right.

If he picks his cards Then deal the cards into two piles again, left to right, and take away the right pile after every deal. The two cards left are his cards.

If he picks your cards Do the same thing but take away the pile on the left every time.

Your Choice Variation

Trick Courtesy of: Mark Ruma (

(After you have the two piles laid out on the table...)

So I added, Fanning them the right side pile and saying "Your card is not in there, I hope!" In addition a slight of hand makes it really shine, the two cards that are left I place on the top of the piles and deck. Then I shuffle all the cards keeping the top card on top and getting the second card to the bottom which isn't very difficult to do. Then you ask the spectator to tap the deck and while pinching the top and bottom cards in your right hand you throw the middle cards into your other hand. Now you hold the top and bottom cards in your right hand. These are their cards.

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