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The Burning Rash

Trick Courtesy of: Silver Ace (

Original Author: David Blaine

Effect: A deck is shuffled multiple times, in multiple ways as to eliminate all suspicion of the deck being rigged. The spectator is given a card to concentrate on, then he or she places their hand on the upturned arm of the magician only to find that they have an uncanny ability. The Magician winces in agony, roll's up his sleeve, and finds that the value and suit of the chosen card are in the form of a mysterious rash on his arm.

Card Trick: To perform this trick, one needs knowledge of the Biddle Move and the Glide Force, a long sleeve shirt or sweater, and not to be racist or anything, but to perform this trick one must have fairly white skin.

Now pick any *red* card at all before you pull off this trick and place it anywhere in the deck, it doesn't matter as long as you have it memorized. This is the trick, before hand on the bottom of the lower portion of your arm, below the elbow, use your finger nail to scratch the number and suit into your skin, a shallow yet firm scratch will do, don't mutilate yourself.

Then over where you just scratched, moisten your hand with saliva and rub, you will notice that the scratches become red like a rash and show clearly the suit and number. This rash will last 1-2 minutes, 3 minutes tops, although it may depend on the person so experiment a bit before
trying this out on your friends.

In that time period, seek out a willing spectator and have them shuffle the deck and hand it back to you, then  shuffle the deck once more yourself, first with any shuffle you like, then with the Biddle Move (this is when you spot your card and move it to the top of the deck), then you simply slide all of cards off of the top into the other hand so that the top card(the one you want) is now at the bottom. Then ask the spectator for a number between 1-10 and use the Glide Force to make sure your card is the last card you pull out. Hand them that card and then ask them to concentrate on it very hard. Inform them about the mystical energies that can be drawn from cards. Then instruct them to feel that energy flow through their entire body and to continue drawing power from that card and to concentrate that energy into the hand without the card. Next, tell them to place that hand on your arm that you hold bottom up towards them, as if asking for money.

Finally, wince in pain and really ham it up. Pretend as if the energy coming from their hand is like white fire and beg them to release you. When they do, roll up your sleeves to check the damage and reveal the suit and value of the spectator's card in rash form. Rub the rash several times to show that it is indeed a rash and not just marker. They are amazed. Now take your card and slink away, afraid of what else they may do to you.

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