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2 of a Kind
Ace's Memory 2 Card Flight
4 Friendly Kings 4 Extravagant Aces, The 2 Card Monte
A Fools' Bet 49ers Fools Gold Absent Card, The
Ace Party Any Way You Count 'Em Aces for Cardmen Only
After Drinks
A Poker Player's Picnic Ace Switch Up, The
All The Aces Assistance Needed Acrobatic Aces
Amazing Acestopper Best Friends Always on Top
Appearing Card Bottom's Up Amazing Switch, The
Back Flip
Build The Houses Ambitious Card, The
Bottom Card, The Calling the Shots Another Ace Location
Chased f Card Levitation Another Changing Ace Trick
Changing Ace, The Card Transposition Aroo!
Count Down
Changing Card, The Bert's Deception
Cut To It Criss Cross Burning Rash, The
Deck Predictor Cutting the Aces Card Appearance
Do It Yourself Discovery Double Turnover Card Between The Aces
Easy Eights
Eight Threatening Kings Cardeenie Single
Easy Pick Enchanted Card, The Card In Flight, A
ESP Entire Deck Color Switch Color Blind
Find Card Easy Way Find Card Hard Way Color Changing Aces, The
Four Islands
Fool Proof Reversed Card Cough, Cough
Four Kingdoms From Here to There Crimp It
Four Two's Jive, The Gemini Twins Darn Card, That
Hotel & Motel, The Get Money Down to the Last Card
Haphazard Cards
Gladlock Knows All Double or Nothing
Kathy's Prediction Half and Half Double Transposition
Keith's Trick Housing Suits Elevator, The
Kings Robbery I Can't Believe They... Embarrassed Double, The
Mind Reader
Impossible Card Location Extraordinary Spelling Trick, The
Mirror Image In My Pocket Flying Ace, The
Nice and Easy Jack Party Follow the Leader
Number's Trick Liar, Liar Follow the Rules!
Opposite Decks
Magic Breath Foretelling the Future
Order Please Magic Color Seperation Hard Card Memorization
Pick for Me Magic Flick of a Finger Hidden Card, The
Pick-Up 52 Magic Partner Hole-In-Card
Psyhic Solution Magic Pockets I Thought That Was Your Card
Re-appearing Aces
Magnetic Cards, The It's Right Here
Reverse the Card Math-majik Jack The Escape Artist
Seb's Bottom Trick Math Sandwich Jumping Card, The
Self Arranging Trick, The Mental Thought Jumping Aces
Seven Detectives Mind Reader II Look Ma...No Hands
Sisters Trick, The
Mongolian Clock Lost Kings, The
Spelling Bee No I Got It Luke, Use The Force..
Switcheroo Pair 'em Up Magical Purposes
Telepathy Paper and Predictions Magic Marker, The
Teleporting Card, The Poker Trial Magic Slapping
Think of a Card
Psychic Hotline Memorized Deck, The
Three Card Match Psychic Prediction Mental Mystery
Three In a Row Not Your Card Metamorphosis
Turn Around Deck Quick Flip Morphing Card, The
Turn Around Trick, The
Reappearing Combo, The Never the Wrong Card
Vanishing Card Similiar Pair, The Olympic Vision
Where's The Card Sitting on the Card Presto Pass
Who's The Magician Six Guessed Cards, The Quick Change
  Slap Happy Quick Counting
  Spectator's Trick Righting a Wrong
  Stack It Up Sandwiched Aces, The
Stop Now Schwinn's Perfect Card Trick
Card Mutilation
Sun, The Second Chance
Card Through The Window Think About It Shot Away
Caught Red Handed Triple Threat Single Vision
Egg A La Card Was There Now It's Here Slap The Deck
Find-a-Card What's On Your Mind? Smack the Stack
Four Ace Trick, The Wizard Takes Holiday, The Teleporting Card, The
Fruit Loops Year Game, The Three Chances
How'd You Do That
  Three-Way Card
In and Out Deck   Tricky Production, A
Magic In a Glass   Two Card Invisible Flight
Thought of Card, The   Two Tricks In One
Whole, The   Unbelievable Pocket Change
Your Pick   Unrecognizable Card
    Very Ambitious Card, The
    Whispering Deck
    Your Choice

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