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Card Levitation

Trick Courtesy of:

Original Author: Unknown

Effect: The performer challenges the spectator to arrange six cards in such a way that lifting one card lifts all others while the faces of the cards remain visible. When the spectator fails to do this, the performer shows how it is done.

Equipment: You will need six cards from a regular deck.


  • Place the first card - the master card - face down vertically on the table in front of you.
  • Place the next card horizontally on top.
  • The remaining four cards are tucked around the first two. This is done by placing two cards tucked horizontally behind the master card.
  • The last two are placed vertically, tucked over card two and over cards three and four.
  • The arrangement can be lifted up by card two and turned over to show the faces of the cards.


  • Spread six cards on the table face down.
  • Challenge the spectator to come up with a way of arranging the cards so that they can lift all six cards by holding only one card by its edges. There is a further snag- all the faces of the cards must be visible when the cards are lifted.
  • When the spectators have tried and, most likely failed, show how it was done!!!!

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