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Intermediate Trick Index

Top 5 Intermediate Tricks =>   1.Jack Party (Video)
    2.Year Game, The (Video)
    3.Impossible Card Location (V)
    4.Any Way You Count 'Em
    5.Not Your Card
4 Ace Extravaganza, The   49ers Fools Gold
Ace's Memory   Amazing Acestopper
Any Way You Count 'Em   A Poker Player's Picnic
Assistance Needed   Best Friends
Bottom's Up   Build The Houses
Calling the Shots   Card Transposition
Changing Card, The   dCard Levitation
Cutting the Aces   Criss Cross
Eight Threatening Kings   Double Turnover
Find The Card The Hard Way   Enchanted Card, The
From Here to There   Entire Deck Color Switch
Get Money   Fool Proof Reversed Card
Half and Half   Gemini Twins
I Can't Believe They Don't Get IT   Gladlock the Great Knows All
In My Pocket   Housing Suits
Liar, Liar   Impossible Card Location
Magic Color Seperation   Jack Party
Magic Partner  

Magic Breath

Magnetic Cards, The   Magic Flick of a Finger
Math-magic   Magic Pockets
Mind Reader II   Mental Thought
No I Got It   Mongolian Clock
Pair 'em Up  

Not Your Card

Poker Trial   Paper and Predictions
Psychic Prediction   Psychic Hotline
Reappearing Combo, The   Quick Flip
Sitting on the Card   Similar Pair, The
Slap Happy   Six Guessed Cards, The
Stack it Up   Spectator's Trick
Sun, The   Stop Now
Triple Threat   Think About It
What's On Your Mind?   Was There Now It's Here
Year Game, The   Wizard Takes a Holiday, The

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