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2 Card Flight  
2 Card Monte (1 Variation)
Absent Card, The
Aces for Cardmen Only  
Ace Switch Up, The  
Acrobatic Aces  
Always on Top (1 Variation)
Amazing Switch, The  
Ambitious Card, The  
Another Ace Location  
Another Changing Ace Trick  
Bert's Deception  
Burning Rush, The  
Card Appearance (1 Variation)
Card Between The Aces  
Cardeenie Single
Card In Flight, A  
Color Blind  
Color Changing Aces, The  
Cough, Cough  
Crimp It  
Darn Card, That  
Down to the Last Card  
Double or Nothing  
Double Transposition
Elevator, The (1 Variation)
Embarrassed Double, The  
Extraordinary Spelling Trick, The  
Flying Ace, The  
Follow the Leader  
Follow the Rules!  
Foretelling the Future  
Hard Card Memorization  
Hidden Card, The  
I Thought That Was Your Card  
It's Right Here
Jack The Escape Artist  
Jumping Card, The  
Jumping Aces  
Look Ma...No Hands  
Lost Kings, The  
Luke, Use The Force..  
Magical Purposes  
Magic Marker, The
Magic Slapping  
Memorized Deck, The  
Mental Mystery  
Morphing Card, The  
Never the Wrong Card  
Olympic Vision  
Presto Pass  
Quick Change  
Quick Counting  
Righting a Wrong (1 Variation)
Sandwiched Aces, The (1 Variation)
Schwinn's Perfect Card Trick  
Second Chance  
Shot Away  
Single Vision  
Slap The Deck  
Smack the Stack  
Teleporting Card, The  
Three Chances  
Three-Way Card  
Tricky Production, A  
Two Card Invisible Flight  
Two Tricks In One  
Unbelievable Pocket Change  
Unrecognizable Card  
Very Ambitious Card, The  
Whispering Deck  
Your Choice (1 Variation)

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