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The Hotel

Trick Courtesy of: Robert Collier (

Original Author: Unknown

The Motel                
&                    Royal Hotel

Description: A story is acted out with the cards.

1. You must have the four Queens on the top of the deck, four Jacks below the Queens, four Kings below the Jacks, and four Aces below the Kings.

2.)Deal out the Queens, face up, in four different piles, while saying, "Four girls went to a hotel. Each stayed in a different room."

3.) Deal out the Jacks onto the same four piles, while saying, "They needed their baggage, so they called up four bellboys."

4.) Deal the four Kings onto the piles, while saying, "Four desk clerks came in."

5.) Finally, deal the four Aces, while saying, "The girls panicked because they thought the clerks were burglars, so they called the police."

6.) Set the rest of the deck aside. Put the piles together. Tell one of the audience members to cut the cards.

7.) Deal the cards into four face up piles, again. Viola! They have returned to their proper places!

The Motel Switch

Trick Courtesy of: Steve

Original Author: Unknown

Effect: A motel with four rooms, (use a Four of any suit.) Four Aces, four Kings, four Queens, four Jacks, come and mix in the same four rooms. When the inspector comes to check, all the Aces are in one room, the Kings in another, as are the Jacks and the Queens. Amazing, huh?

1. Take out the four Aces, four Queens, four Jacks, and four Kings. You also need any Four to act as the motel, and any other one card to be the inspector. Lay the Four face up on the table.

2.) Start your story; something along the lines of: "There are four Kings who come to a motel and ask for one room. They are separated." Lay the Kings out, face up, one at each corner of the Four. Continue the story, doing the same for the Queens, Jacks, and Aces.

3.) Pick up the four piles, one on top of the other. Cut these as much as you like.

4.) Deal the cards, one to each corner of the Four, then repeat until all the cards have been dealt.

5.) As the inspector (lay the extra card onto the Four) checks that all the same people (Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces) are separated, they really are!

Royal Hotel

Author: Unknown


Locate a 5 card. Arrange in piles the ACEs, KINGs, QUEENs, and JACKs. (these are the only cards you need). Make one pile, in the order shown above, so that the 4 ACEs are on top of the 4 KINGs, QUEENS-> so on...


1) Place the 5 card onto the table in front of the audience. Tell them that this card is an imaginary Hotel, and the cards in your hands are tavelers..

2) Tell the audience that the travelers need to stay in the hotel for the night...

3) Holding the deck you prepared face down, deal the cards in a CLOCKWISE manor one after another on the 5 card: (When you are done, the cards should be arranged as foll

4) Explain to the audience that none of the travelers are getting along with one another, and the Hotel manager suggests that all the ACES, JACKS, QUEENS, KINGS should all be in the same rooms together...

5) In a clockwise manor, pick up the piles of cards (leaving the 5 card on the table) and put the 4 decks of 4 together: A,K,Q,J + A,K,Q,J + A,K,Q,J + A,K,Q,J

6) Tell the audience that a fight breaks out in the main office and the whole bunch is mixed up, have one member of the audience cut the deck in half anywhere, putting the bottom half on top of the top half. Once this is done, repeat this cut once more.

7) Deal the deck back onto the 5 card, CLOCKWISE, and notice that all of the aces are in one room, kings, qeens, jacks as well..

**** The trick here is as long as you cut the deck an EVEN number of times, they will all file into the rooms correctly...
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