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Sleights Index

General Terminology Page Basic Reference  
Biddle Move Pass  
Bottom Charge Pass  
Double Lifts Pass  
Double Undercut Card Control  
Elmsley Count/ Elmsley Pass Count & Pass  
False Cut Cut  
False Shuffle False Shuffle  
Faro Shuffle Shuffle  
Finger Break Pass  
Forcing a Card Force 9 Different Forces
Glide Pass  
Greek Shift Pass  
Greek Shuffle Shuffle  
Hindu Shuffle & Force Shuffle & Force  
Invisible Deck Magic Deck  
Jog Shuffle Card Control  
Overhand Shuffle Shuffle  
Palming a Card Pass  
Riffle Shuffle Shuffle  
Stretch Cut to Pinky Break Cut to Break  
Swing Cut to Bottom Palm Cut to Palm  
Stripper Magic Deck  
Svengali Magic Deck  
Turnover False Triple Cut False Cut  

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